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Privacy Policy

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Union Steel Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company") attach great importance to maintaining and protecting users' personal information. The company's products and services involve the website: When you use Union Steel's products and services, we may collect and use your personal information. This "Privacy Policy" aims to explain to you how we collect, store, use or share your personal information, but this website will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. I hope you read this "Privacy Policy" carefully, so that you can make an appropriate choice when necessary. This privacy policy is an integral part of the agreement to use the services of this website.

Collection of Information:
We primarily collect personal data directly from you. The types of personal data we collect about you generally include the following information:
1. Your identity information and contact information, such as your name, company, email address and phone number;
2. Information about customer relationships, such as communication preferences, your product interests, and use of our products and services;
3. Technical information, such as your IP address.

Use and Disclosure of Information:
How we use your information depends on the reason for collecting it in the first place. In general, we prefer to use your personal data for the following purposes in particular:
1. To sell products and services to you;
2. Purchasing products and services from you;
3. To deliver products or services to you;
4. To provide customer support for products or services sold;
5. To conduct investigations;
6. To ensure and optimize the website experience;
7. To provide marketing communications;

Information Security Protection:

To protect your privacy, we require that all of our services keep personal data confidential and sufficiently secure. Union Steel takes strong measures to protect the personal data it holds. These measures include guidelines, procedures, and safeguards designed to limit third-party access to data, as well as measures in place to limit access by our own personnel and service providers to data not necessary for their mission.

Exceptions to this Privacy Policy:
This policy only applies to relevant information collected by us. During our service process, you may link to third-party websites or use third-party services we access. Such service content is operated and provided by relevant third parties. For any personal information provided by a third party, please carefully read the relevant content of the third party's privacy protection agreement before using it or contact the third party directly to obtain the details of their privacy protection agreement.

Updates to the Privacy Policy:
In order to provide better information services, we will revise the relevant terms of this policy in due course according to user needs, business rules, and laws and regulations. You can view it through the home page of the company's official website.

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