LSAW Workshop,LSAW Pipe Factory


lsaw pipe factory,jcoe pipe manufacturing process,uoe pipe manufacturing process,pipe visual inspection
lsaw pipe factory,jcoe pipe manufacturing process,uoe pipe manufacturing process,pipe visual inspection

LSAW Workshop

LSAW Workshop is used for pipe diameters from 16 to 64 inches. In the LSAW pipe workshop, the processing is done by cold forming of thick carbon steel plates. Among the forming processes available, Union Steel focuses on UOE and JCOE technologies. We supply equipment for all important process steps from sheet preparation to forming, welding, testing and finishing. Including not only the core machine, but also all upstream and downstream process steps required to produce large-diameter pipes. Our plants stand for medium to high production volumes of high product quality, flexible and cost-effective processes, precise dimensions and tight piping tolerances.

Production Equipment

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process Of LSAW Pipe

JCOE Pipe Manufacturing Process is not only very flexible, it also requires lower investment compared to other methods. The process perfectly fits small and medium-sized production capacities and enables flexible production, covering regular up to very challenging pipe dimensions at high quality. Thanks to the VSP (Variable Speed Pumps) hydraulic system, the JCOE pipe forming press along with the crimping process offer economic and ecologic production with a low carbon footprint.

UOE Pipe Manufacturing Process features the most advanced technology, achieves high production efficiency, stable product quality and is equipped with complete inspection equipment. In accordance with different requirements of the customers, the welded pipe can be expanded either by mechanical or hydrostatic expander to improve dimensional accuracy, and eliminate residual stress.

Inspection Center

Union Steel Industry Co.,Ltd have a quality inspection center to provide testing services to the production processand finished products. 
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