SSAW Workshop,SSAW Pipe Mill


ssaw workshop,ssaw pipe mill
ssaw workshop,ssaw pipe mill

SSAW Workshop

The SSAW workshop is used to produce spiral welded pipe between 15 and 100 inches in diameter. Spiral pipe is the strongest among welded pipes. The spiral welded pipe manufacturing process is not only one of the most efficient methods of producing steel pipes, but also offers a high degree of flexibility in the production range in terms of diameter and wall thickness. Our SSAW workshop can produce spiral tubing through the traditional 1st stage process as well as 2nd stage process (also known as off-line process). The final product is more than twice as resistant to extrusion as LSAW or ERW pipe.

Production Equipment

Union Steel has six spiral pipe production lines have introduced into the international advanced technique design and manufacturing, each of them is outfitted with the whole set equipment from uncoiling to pipe indpection, packing and then ex-work, including uncoiler, leveling machine, fly welding machine, plasma cutting machine, pipe end grinding machine, hydrostatic testing machine, beveling machine, end expander, ultrasonic inspector for pipe body and weld seam, highly clear X ray image inspection system and so on.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process Of SSAW Pipe

In the spiral submerged arc welding (SSAW) process, also known as HSAW pipe, the weld is shaped like a helix. It uses the same submerged arc welding technique as LSAW pipe. The only major difference is that SSAW pipe is helically welded while LSAW is longitudinally welded. The manufacturing process is to roll the steel strip so that the rolling direction is at a certain angle to the direction of the center of the pipe, and then formed and welded, and the weld seam is a helical line.

Inspection Centre

Union Steel Industry Co.,Ltd have quality inspection center to provide testing services to the production process and finished products. lt could detect 31 kinds of projects, including the metal material and coating material physical and chemical properties.
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