ERW Workshop,ERW Pipe Plant


ERW workshop,erw plant,erw pipe plant,erw pipe mill
ERW workshop,erw plant,erw pipe plant,erw pipe mill

ERW Workshop

Supplying all core machines for ERW workshop, our products are renowned for their workmanship precision. The perfect combination of know-how, innovation, automation and digitalization ensures the production of high precision tubing, line pipe, casing, tubing and drill pipe as well as structural tubes with round, square and rectangular cross sections. These flexible factory lines can manufacture welded pipes with good processing quality and high-speed assembly accuracy. Covers product diameters up to 710 mm and wall thicknesses

Production Equipment

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process Of ERW Pipe

ERW pipes are made from hot rolled coils produced by steel mills. All incoming coils are verified against the chemical and mechanical property test certificates received from the mill. The forming phase of ERW pipe starts with a single wide steel strip. The width of the strip is approximately equal to the circumference of the pipe to be produced. The edges of the coll are clipped to the prespecified width in the cutting line. The process includes uncoiling and flattening of the coil as well as processing it. The front end of each coil is sheared and squared for feeding into the rolling mill. Then connect this end with the coil end of the outgoing coil to maintain continuity of production and reduce loss.

Inspection Centre

Union Steel established the Inspection Center and equipped with advanced experimental testing equipment. Union Steel Tube Inspection Center has passed the assessment of China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment and successfully obtained the CNAS laboratory certification. The test results of the test and inspection center are mutually recognized with 35 quality management system certification and environmental management system certification and accreditation bodies and 54 laboratory accreditation bodies in other countries and regions, which fully demonstrates the authority of the testing activities of Union Steel pipe inspection center. 
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