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Application Fields Of Slotted Pipes

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Slotted pipe is a number of longitudinal or spiral straight and staggered slots of certain specifications cut out in various ways on oil casing or tubing. The inner diameter of the slotted pipe is large, the pipe string can be easily arranged, the strength is high, and it is not easy to deform. The cutting edge has good verticality, the cutting edge is smooth, without burrs, and the cutting seams are uniform. Today, we will introduce in detail the areas of use of slotted pipes.


slotted pipe

Application fields of slotted pipe:

1. Workover

Slotted pipe is a commonly used support material in water well construction. Grooved pipes have gaps that allow water to penetrate around the perimeter of the pipe while preventing soil particles from entering the inside of the pipe. It is widely used in agricultural irrigation, industrial water supply, municipal engineering and other fields.


2. Groundwater extraction

In groundwater extraction, slotted pipes are often used to build wells. Through the reasonable design and installation of trough pipes, effective filtration and collection of groundwater can be achieved, thereby making the water quality cleaner and the water quantity more stable.


3. Oil and gas exploration

Slotted pipe is increasingly used in oil and gas exploration. It can be used to collect formation samples, conduct hydrogeological tests, improve oil and gas well productivity, etc. The special structure of the slotted pipe can prevent drilling cuttings and particles from entering the wellbore and keep the production well open.


4. Geological exploration and groundwater monitoring

Slotted pipes can be used for geological exploration and groundwater monitoring. It can be installed at underground penetrations and used to collect soil, rock and water samples. Through the application of slotted pipes, the monitoring of groundwater levels, water quality and hydrodynamic characteristics can be achieved.


5. Underground engineering and soil protection

In underground projects, slotted pipes can serve as an important component of soil protection and drainage systems. It can control the groundwater level, prevent soil liquefaction, landslides and other problems, and ensure the stability and safety of the project.


6. Environmental management and sewage treatment

Slotted pipes are also widely used in environmental management and sewage treatment. It can be used for the treatment of sedimented pollutants in lakes, rivers and water bodies, and can also be used for water filtration and solid-liquid separation in urban sewage treatment plants.


To sum up, when selecting and using slotted pipes, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the pipe material, seam size, seam shape, corrosion resistance and other factors according to the specific application requirements, and follow relevant industry standards and specifications. Union Steel is leading manufacturer of slotted pipe in China, for details, please contact