Production notes of SSAW steel pipe,Production notes of SSAW steel pipe


ssaw steel pipe production notes

Production notes of SSAW steel pipe

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During the production of SSAW steel pipes, attention must be paid to several critical factors. In addition to standard tests as specified by the API and other relevant standards, as well as specific user requirements, there are also destructive tests required for steel and steel pipes. These tests include evaluating the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, sampling, and conducting a 100% visual inspection of the steel.


Key Steps in SSAW Steel Pipe Production:

A. Oiling and Marking

After the steel pipes pass inspection, they are oiled to prevent corrosion. They are also marked according to user requirements.


B. Leveling and Milling

The steel is first straightened using a flat steel anvil machine to eliminate the original curl. Then, it goes through an edge milling machine to perform double-sided milling, ensuring the required plate width, edge parallelism, and groove shape.


C. Shearing and Forming

The steel plate is sheared and formed along the production line, curling into a tube along the outer edge to form a spiral shape.


D. Butt Cutting and Welding

Advanced double-sided submerged arc welding technology is used for pre-welding, internal welding, and external welding. The welded steel pipe is then cut to the specified length using a plasma-foot cutter.

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