seamless steel pipe fire protection measures

Seamless Steel Pipe Fire Protection Measures

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Presently, seamless steel pipes find extensive application in the construction industry. However, in the unfortunate event of a fire within a building, prompt extinguishment becomes challenging. To address this, it is imperative to incorporate fire protection measures into building materials during the design phase, bolstering their fire resistance. Additionally, formulating emergency plans within the building is essential to minimize casualties and property losses. The following measures aim to enhance fire safety in the context of seamless steel pipes.

Seamless Steel Pipe

Outer Cladding:

Introduce an outer cladding layer onto the surface of seamless steel pipes, achievable through casting in place or spraying. Cast-in-place concrete cladding, often reinforced with steel mesh or rebar, mitigates shrinkage cracks and ensures shell strength. Alternatively, the spraying method utilizes a sand pump to form a layer on-site, with materials such as lime cement, gypsum mortar, perlite, or asbestos. Prefabricated panels, comprising perlite, asbestos, gypsum, or asbestos cement, and lightweight concrete, can also be affixed to the seamless steel pipe using adhesives, nails, or bolts.

Water Filling:

Employ water filling as a fire prevention measure for seamless steel pipes. Filling the hollow pipes with water maintains a low temperature, allowing the water to circulate and absorb heat generated during a fire. The heated water can be recycled after cooling, or cold water can be introduced through pipes to replace the heated water.


Utilize precision steel pipes, processed through cold drawing or hot rolling, within walls or ceilings constructed from refractory materials. Alternatively, conceal the members in gaps between two walls. Adding a small amount of refractory material or none at all achieves effective fire prevention economically.

Expansive Materials:

Employ fire retardant coating components on seamless steel pipes, leveraging their excellent fire protection and heat insulation properties. This method offers flexibility in construction, unrestricted by the geometric shape of the pipes. Not requiring additional facilities, it is lightweight, boasts good coating quality, and provides a certain level of decorative appeal, representing a modern and advanced fire protection measure.

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