Stacking principle of SSAW steel pipes,Stacking principle of SSAW steel pipes


SSAW steel pipe stacking principle

Stacking principle of SSAW steel pipes

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The stacking principle of SSAW (spiral welded) steel pipes involves stacking, supporting and protecting steel pipes to ensure that they are not damaged or deformed during storage and transportation. When stacking SSAW steel pipes, attention must be paid to maintaining the shape and surface integrity of the steel pipes, and appropriate support and protection measures must be taken to ensure that they remain in good condition during storage and transportation. This article will introduce in detail the stacking principle of SSAW steel pipes.


1. Spiral steel pipes must be stacked in a stable and safe manner, adhering to specific guidelines. It's essential to stack pipes of different varieties, materials, and specifications separately to avoid confusion and potential erosion.


2. Avoid stacking spiral submerged arc welded steel pipes near corrosive substances or objects.


3. The base where spiral submerged arc welded steel pipes are stacked should be elevated, robust, and flat to prevent moisture absorption and deformation of the material.


4. Arrange spiral submerged arc welded steel pipes of the same material in a storage-friendly order, following the principle of stacking them in a "first down, then up" manner.


5. When stacking spiral steel pipes outdoors, avoid placing them directly on pads or stones; instead, slightly tilt them for proper drainage. Check for straightness to prevent bending and deformation.


6. Manual stacking of spiral submerged arc welded steel pipes should not exceed a height of 1.2m, while mechanical stacking can go up to 1.5m, with a maximum stacking width of 2.5m.


7. Maintain a clear channel between stacks of spiral steel pipes and the yard, with an inspection channel width of around 0.5m and entry/exit channel widths ranging from 1.5m to 2m, depending on material size and transportation equipment.


8. Adjust the height of the bottom of the spiral steel pipes based on storage conditions: for cement floors exposed to sunlight, keep it at 0.1m; on mud floors, maintain a height of 0.2 to 0.5m; and for open-air storage on cement, aim for 0.3 to 0.5m, and on the ground, 0.5 to 0.7m.

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